Top 5 antivirus for Android

Top 5 antivirus for Android
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1. McAfee Mobile Security

best antivirus for AndroidMcAfee, well known for desktop protection software, is one of the best choices you can make as a means of protection for your smartphone. He performed well in the detection tests, filtering 99.8%of the samples in real time and 99.8% of the samples of four weeks, guaranteeing a grade 6 in the first evaluated item.

In terms of usability, McAfee is simply perfect, passing absolutely all AV-Test tests without presenting a single slide. The application had no false alarms on the more than 3,000 samples tested, ensuring another 6th note for its table.

In the extra features, McAfee does not lag behind, it has all the additional Anti-theft, the call blocker, the secure browser and a backup system for SD card, taking another 6 extra points to your account.

2. AhnLab V3 Mobile Security

best antivirus for AndroidAlthough little known in the USA market, AhnLab is one of the best antivirus for Android 2017 available today, it has performed well in detection tests, reaching 99.9% real-time detection of malware and 99.8% of Viruses that were already four weeks into the world’s security systems, guaranteeing the first 6 points of AV-Test.

Turning to the second evaluation question, usability, AhnLab does very well, reaching the maximum score of 6 points by passing all the tests with excellence, guaranteeing even the feedback template of false alarms, which the application does not Fell into anywhere.

Although not one of its strengths, AhnLab has some interesting extra features, such as anti-theft, call barring and safe browsing, which guarantees a further 5 points for the application.

3. Norton Mobile Security

best antivirus for Android 2017One of the top antivirus on desktops could not be ugly on mobiles, and in fact it did not, Norton did very well on AV Test already in the protection question, where  100%  of the four week malware was detected, as well as 99, 8% of real-time viruses, guaranteeing the  6th note already in the beginning.

Usability also was not a problem for Norton, the battery practically did not suffer from the application, the overall performance of the smartphone was not affected and also did not generate much information traffic. Mobile Security had no false detections during the tests, nor did it manage false warnings during the installation and use of legitimate applications. The final mark of the anti-malware in “usability” was  6.

Norton Mobile Security is one of those that offer the most extra features, such as anti-theft, which features remote locking, remote wipe, and location tracking. The call blocker is also present, as well as message filtering, secure browsing, and file backup. In the end, Norton got  6 extra points from its resources.

4. Kaspersky Internet Security

best antivirus for AndroidIf you saw our post on the best-paid antivirus for desktops, you saw that we chose Kaspersky as the absolute leader in the market and, of course, it would not make ugly on smartphones, so Internet Security got the 99.9% mark  on Detection of malware in real time and 100% of the samples of four weeks, guaranteeing 6 points  of the item “protection”.

Of course, as in its desktop version, Kaspersky practically does not affect the performance of the smartphone. The battery does not suffer from anti-malware, does not affect overall performance and does not generate excessive data traffic. False detections are also non-existent, both while using  Play Store apps and third-party applications. Kaspersky’s final score on “usability” was  6 points.

Kaspersky offers an excellent anti-theft mode, with remote locking, remote wipe and location tracking, without the presence of the call blocker, messaging filter and safe browsing. With the extra features, the antivirus got 6 more points.

5. Bitdefender Mobile Security

best antivirus for AndroidBitdefender is an excellent option for those who want to keep their mobile secure, after all, it has obtained the mark of 100% of use in the protection tests, guaranteeing for itself a note 6 in the “protection” category.

In performance testing, Mobile Security performed very well again and went perfectly with all its tasks, ensuring a further 6th note to your account in the “usability” category.

As for the extra features of Bitdefender, you will not find many, just the key anti-theft features and safe browsing mode, yet it’s still not enough to take your title from one of the best.

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