Understand what a database is and how important it is to your site

Understand what a database is and how important it is to your site
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If you want to build or already have a website for your company, you need to understand the importance and what a database is. This is because the data on your site is programmatically connected, which causes each user request to access and insert information into your page. That is, every time someone visits the site, the system searches in one place for all the information that needs to be displayed on the page. This location is the database.

The content of the page automatically changes each modified information directly into the site’s database. Also, the control of this information is managed in a single place, which leaves the whole operation with fewer risks of failure.

Advantages of a database

In addition to the speed of access and guaranteed data manipulation, a structured database reduces human effort and reduces inconsistencies and redundancies of information. The independent interaction between data and programs ensures the flexibility of this access since one program does not have to stop for the other to update itself.

Another important and positive point is that if the information on your site is stored correctly, security and parameters of restrictions on access to this data can be easily controlled. All this happens because scheduling the data is usually done on a server.

In a site with dynamic pages, for example, the server rebuilds this page every time it receives new information. In addition, data management software allows them to be accessed in many ways, through simple searches, on previously configured devices.

Which type of database to use?

To understand a little more about what a database is you need to know that there are several types available to store your company’s website data properly. The developer of your site can choose the most appropriate one according to the language in which your site is programmed.

However, you may prefer providers that offer reliable services and a good program that communicates these data securely and is welcome. After all, having a secure program in which you just add or change information without losing any relevant data is essential to the proper functioning of your company’s website.

How to choose a database

Database technology is used to manage information, in particular, to retrieve diluted information over a large volume of data. Thanks to these solutions, many tasks can be automated or simplified in the day to day business. However, there are several database management systems on the market, ranging from incredibly straightforward and free banks to open source or high-end options. With so many options, you may be wondering what to take into consideration when choosing the best database for your company.

What are the most important features when selecting the database?

Knowing your business and knowing what needs the database to provide is vital. To choose a database solution you need to consider the current needs of your business and also make a realistic projection of the expected growth for the future of your company.

Another relevant decision that will guide your choice is the need to customize the database or the possibility of opting for ready-to-use software. If you need a super simple database for a small database, even Microsoft Access can handle it. However, when you need more superior alternatives, it is best to use a robust platform. Some options already come with the features you need, enabling you to customize these features to suit your business needs.

Another important tip is to consider all the options. Although time-consuming, carefully studying the alternatives can save you from headaches in the future. It is more valid, for example, to spend some time researching and planning which database to use than working directly on implementing a database and then realizing that it does not complete the needs of your enterprise

Especially if you have a small or medium-sized business, consider the open source alternatives. The MySQL is a good example of software that is free or costs little and at the same time can be customized to meet the needs of your business better.

Remember also to note who will be the user of your database application. Your bank needs to be so simple that even the most inexperienced employee of your company can use it, or you’ll have to invest in training. Taking this into account, solutions that have customizable interface are ideal.

Learn about some of the Database technologies

It is very usual to works with a range of database technologies to support customer data. Some of the most used database systems are:


Oracle Database

Oracle’s latest database cloud innovations increasingly help companies leverage industry-leading enterprise resources and simplify access for IT and developers. New data management features enable organizations of all sizes to migrate workloads to the cloud with confidence. Its expressive cloud scalability and fast forward analysis provide faster information speed, more agility, and economic benefits.

By developing applications or migrating data management to the cloud, you have instant access to enterprise-level database resources. The Oracle Database Cloud offers real business value with support for the real hybrid cloud deployment strategy: 100% compatibility. Have the same experience, on the spot or in the cloud.

IBM DB2 Database

The DB2 Universal Database Express-C runs on Linux and Windows, with restrictions for up to two servers equipped with dual-core chips and up to four memory Gigabytes.

Despite the hardware limitation, the software is free to any number of simultaneous connections or database size and can be used commercially or even included in software packages such as free or paid distributions of the Linux operating system, for example.

MySQL Database

MySQL is the world’s most popular open-source relational database management system. It has excellent compatibility with drivers, services, plugins and add-ons available.

The Databases offered by UOL Host are built on LXC (Linux Containers) technology, guaranteeing high stability and availability.

MySQL Database

Microsoft SQL Server

The SQL Server is Microsoft ‘s DBMS, created in partnership with Sybase in 1988, initially as a Windows NT complement, and then went on to be refined and sold separately. The partnership with Sybase ended in 1994, and Microsoft continued to improve the program after this.

This DBMS is one of the most used in the world today, having as competitors systems like MySQL and Oracle.

Finally, do not forget about security. This item is of particular importance for those who work with sensitive information, such as online stores that store customer credit data. Banks that store this type of information need to be encrypted and take other security measures to ensure the integrity of customer data.

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