While most fitness and health experts would throw their hands up in the air at the thought of video games having actual health benefits, the truth is you can improve your health while saving the world on your Playstation 4. From improved hand and eye coordination to better reflexes, video games do serve their purpose when it comes to your health.

According to a recent study, video games may actually improve your vision rather than impair it. Scientists found that a control group playing video games for ten weeks straight could discern different shades of gray easier as well as other shades of color. Participants who struggled with vision impairments such as a “lazy eye” also saw their eye conditions improve from playing games for a minimum of an hour per day.

Another health benefit of playing video games is they can help prevent memory loss. Because games push you to solve problems and create a variety of solutions depending on the variables the game throws at you, research has found that memory loss is less likely due to cognitive function always operating at a higher rate. While certain video games make more of an impact than others, this type of research is great for people who suffer from cognitive deterioration.

And finally, recent studies have suggested that video games can help children who are diagnosed with autism due to the fact games promote social interaction in a controlled environment. In fact, one focus group found that kids with autism who played video games on a weekly basis adapted much easier in social settings than those that did not.

While we’re not recommending hours spent in front of a TV screen daily, research does show that gaming does have its benefits. So what are you waiting for, pick up a controller and get busy!

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