How to earn money on the Internet

You who are tired of watching your salary disappear and pass tight at the end of the month, but you do not have the time or the will to start a double daily journey away from home, much less give up your weekend to do some nibbles … On how to make money on the internet?

There are several ways to profit from the virtual world, from online sales to cash through Facebook, but not all are completely realistic. Maybe you only know those who are totally dreamy, like “Earn money on the internet by clicking ads” or “Earn $ 1,500 a month to work online by sending emails!”. Then you click and realise that everything was just a virus.

Here are some realistic ways to make money working from home:

1 – How to Make Money on the Internet with a Blog or Website

Everyone has a favourite subject they love to talk about. Have you thought about blogging about it? Writing about your work, your stories, your hobby or even your dog can earn you good money. The key is to attract visitors to serve ads.

For this, you have to dedicate yourself. A blog is only appealing to advertisers if the address has a considerable number of unique hits and is professional. So, before you attract advertisers, you need to get the audience’s attention. But how to do that?

Keep the blog with a clean layout, frequently updated, with good writing texts and well-treated images and a niche set is the beginning of everything.

It is very important to define a niche for your blog and not run away from it. For example: If your blog talks about diving, do not post content on another subject that is not related to diving. This will make it much easier to monetize it as soon as the visitors start arriving. If you like something other than what you are writing on your current blog, consider creating another and feeds it in parallel.

Now comes the snowball effect. The more quality you have in the content, the more attention you’ll attract, the more access you’ll get. Once your blog has the potential to maintain an average daily and monthly visitors, you’ll be ready to start earning money with Google Adsense and Affiliate program.

Google Adsense is a service that provides a box of sponsored links on the side and top of the blog layout. The money comes from the number of clicks your blog visitors give on those ads. With the right techniques, you can earn over $ 100 a day with this program.


1 – Basic familiarity with the use of the internet. It is not necessary to know programming or systems.

2 – You will need to create a professional blog (I do not recommend the free version because of the impossibility of placing ads).

2 – Sale of Product Info Online

This is the dream of most people who want to start working on the internet, or rather, to become a successful digital entrepreneur.

There are many “gurus” on the internet who promise worlds and deliver nothing but frustration.

Unlike these gurus, Tiago Bastos is a digital entrepreneur known for many years in Brazil, and he decided to create a step-by-step with the possible replication methodology that he currently uses in his online ventures.


1 – Basic knowledge in internet browsing

2 – A good internet connection

3 – How to Make Money on the Internet with Affiliate Program

Very similar to Google Adsense in the form of registration, account creation and implementation on the website, but with a crucial difference in how to make money on the internet, because affiliate programs pay per share, ie for a sale, A customer, etc.

Affiliate programs are even more interesting than Google Adsense for sites with low traffic and that have a specific audience (niche) because they pay high commissions per share (up to 80 EUROS, yes, I said 80 EUROS!).

One of the best affiliate program platforms, and in my opinion mandatory registration for anyone who owns a blog/site and wishes to monetize it is the PUBLIC IDEAS, which can be used even together with Google AdSense.


1 – Basic familiarity in the use of the internet.

2 –  Create a professional blog or website.

3 – Subscribe to the PUBLIC IDEAS platform for free.

4 – Make Money Watching Football Games

Have you ever imagined earning money online?
Indicated primarily for lovers and connoisseurs of the sport that is the national passion, it is possible to make money on the internet by making bets on football games while watching the games of your favourite team.
Juliano Fontes guarantees that it is possible to earn at least R $: 3200,00 / month following a methodology that he himself practices and teaches. Access Trader Sportivo 2.0 that Juliano himself will explain how everything works.

NOTE: From the middle of the video to the front, it shows the screen during a soccer match and it is very interesting the play that it performs!

1 – Complete knowledge of the rules of football 
2 – Basic knowledge of the internet 
3 – Access the material of Juliano Fontes where he explains how everything works

5 – Selling products on eBay and/or Free Market

ou certainly have a lot of things, objects, clothes that you do not use and do not need anymore, imported clothes, etc. Are you waiting for what to sell it all? There are several websites that set out to advertise your product without charging much of your profit. The best known are eBay and Free Market.

Putting the product in the air is very simple. All you need to do is register a seller on the site, send the photos and determine what amount you intend to sell or, in the case of eBay, what will be the minimum price of your sale, because the site also works as an auction, who Higher bid, it takes the product.

Describing the product realistically is imperative. If you say you are selling a product with a higher quality than it actually has, it will affect the consumer’s assessment of you as a seller. Remember the more positive reviews, the more chances to sell and grow your business on eBay and Free Market.

Before taking any steps, pay attention to the calculation of the profit margin you may have. If your product is popular, you’ll need to sell multiple units to make a profit. But on the other hand, if you are thinking of selling something considered rare, that is, difficult to be found in the market, the value of the product goes up and consequently the profit margin as well.

To achieve high-profit margins that can reach 400%, many people who advertise products on the free market buy directly from the United States and China and sell in the Brazilian market. This ensures extremely high profits and makes the Free Market sales business a highly profitable way to make money.


1 – Basic knowledge of the internet.

2 – Creativity when it comes to publishing products with good descriptions and good titles.

3 – Knowledge of how to import products legally in order to maximise profits.

6 – How to Make Money on Fiverr

Do you know how to perform any kind of service, have any specific skills or even just a hug to offer? Cover for it! There are sites that aggregate any type of offer into categories, but all charge the same amount, which varies according to the site.

One of them is Fiverr, a platform for buying and selling “gigs” (that’s what they call the services on these sites). All offers are sold for $ 5, and the same service can be purchased by more than one person and the site has a small percentage of each sale you can make.

For you to sell your “gig” and buy other services on Fiverr, you need to register on the site, providing only a username, password and an email address. The best of it is that payments are made in advance before the gig is held or delivered. If the event happens to end up not being consummated, the buyer is compensated. The money you receive is transferred to a Paypal account, which you also need to create.

After your service is completed, the buyer will evaluate the quality of your “gig”. All shows and registered sellers (whose identity is protected, as well as the buyers) on the site are organised based on their rating. In addition, you also need to send a proof of service to your client, who must return with a response.

There is every type of service on these sites, from the creation of banners and private math lessons to the production of poems and advice for the love life.


1 – Basic knowledge of internet only to operate on the platform.

2 – Ability to execute a service that can be sold for a low price.

7 – How To Make Money With Domain Name Flipping

This may be the way to make money on the internet that gives more profit, but that therefore also requires more investment. This consists of buying a domain name, redesigning it, and reselling it. It is as if you bought an old house, did a renovation to value the building and put it on sale for twice the price, at least.

Here the idea is to buy generic domains, nothing specific, that are outdated, unused for a while. As stated above, the investment is not small. It pays $ 5 to $ 1,000 in a domain but then sells for over $ 100,000 at best.


1 – It requires a lot of internet experience and trend forecast, as well as the ability to redesign a brand/company.

8 – How to Make Money with Advertising on Your Youtube Videos

It can be said that this way of getting extra money on the internet resembles the idea of creating and nurturing a blog, the difference is that this way is a little more complex. On YouTube, it’s not just any video channel that can serve to advertise.

In the social network, you need to create a channel (without paying anything) and feed it with videos regularly. The subject can be anyone, as long as it is well-crafted and attracts the public’s attention.

In that case, maintaining a Youtube channel is more difficult than feeding a blog simply because of the nature of the two media. For the realisation of a video is necessary to have a camera and editing basics.

And how do you know if your channel is making enough success to receive ads? As soon as you reach something around 30 thousand views in your videos YouTube offers you the advertising placement. The profit comes in the same way as the blogs that work with Google Adsense, with a number of clicks received, with the payment done in dollars.


1 – Basic knowledge of the internet in the YouTube operation, since the ads will be automatically published by AdSense.

2 – Creativity, and creativity to create interesting and viral videos.

3 – Improve digital marketing techniques in publicising your videos and YouTube channel.

9 – Making Money Online Providing Services

You can provide services related to digital media and earn extra money. There are thousands of possibilities, but the best known are:

  • Programmer
  • Editor
  • SEO Analyst
  • Application Developer
  • Social media analyst
  • Manager of Social Media
  • E-commerce manager
  • Web Design
  • Illustrator
  • 3D Animator
  • Poser
  • Translator
  • E-mail Marketing Specialist
  • Home-based Call Center Agent
  • Photographer
  • Privacy Policy

There are many possibilities of how to make money on the internet by providing services. You can use your real universe specialities for online and attract customers from all over the world.

It even has a tendency to bring the everyday services to the internet, just like Fiverr. This is the case of the rent husband, hired to make repairs, small facilities, etc. In addition, some sites allow clients to search for someone to do simple activities, such as a spreadsheet in Excel, a power point presentation, and so on.

Some sites to find clients: Fiverr, Up work, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, 99designs, GuruMake a profile on the sites that best fit your needs and keep your page up to date. You can contact customers through the Jobs offered, giving a budget of the estimated value and time to deliver the job ready.

10 – How to Make Money on the Internet with a Virtual Store

n addition to selling products on eBay or the free market, you can have your own virtual store. There are thousands of tools available today that allow you to build your virtual store by spending very little or nothing at all.

To make a virtual store, you need to first decide which product will sell. This choice should always start from a case study, check that niches are not yet as crowded and have an audience. You can opt for a micro niche, which is a good strategy to beat the competition and still have a loyal audience.

Some ideas of micro niches for your virtual store:

  • Rock Shop
  • GG Fashion Store
  • Shop for Cosmetics for Seniors
  • Shop for Natural and Organic Cosmetics
  • Men’s Cosmetics Store
  • Shop specialising in Tires
  • Vintage Items Store
  • Shop for play materials for children with one handicap
  • Wig Shop
  • Large Size Shoe Store
  • Decoration shop
  • Pet Supplies Store

These are just a few examples of niches and micro niches, but of course, that your choice should always be made by analysing your profile (about what you like to study, what is easy to sell, what is your hobby?).

The virtual store system I recommend is based on WordPress as offered by the Free Virtual Store because, in addition to the robustness, it has incredible features that can be compared with platforms from large retailers. In addition, changing the layout and implementation of forms of payment can be done with a few clicks, without the need for programming knowledge.


1 – Basic knowledge of internet

2 –  Create a professional virtual store

3 – Skill and creativity to create good product titles and good descriptions that catch the attention of the user.

11 – How to Make Money on the Internet Reselling Wholesaler

If you have the opportunity to resell something directly from the factory at the wholesale price, you can take advantage of this opportunity. You just need to have a contact with one or more factories and be able to resell at more competitive prices than the retail stores.
Sites like Alibaba and Aliexpress are great for anyone who wants to start a wholesale business.

While the former is specialised in large quantities usually for legal entities, the latter already allows you to find individuals interested in buying smaller quantities but with the benefit of faster sales.

What would the people of the whole world like to buy that you have access to? Questions like this can help you come to the conclusion of the best niche to invest. With the visibility that the USA has gained abroad, perhaps it is a good time to invest in a typical USA product that has a good demand abroad and within the country.


1 – Basic knowledge of internet for the operation of the websites of sale.

2 – the Competitive price of any product that can be sold over the internet and shipped anywhere.

12 – How to Make Money Teaching Languages

With all the technology, it is now possible to teach a foreign language to a student on the other side of the world, better still when you can teach your own language. Is not it?

You can use, for example, Skype to teach French to anyone who wants to learn the language, whether to give a test, to travel to France, to study in France schools or universities or to those who want to know better the culture of France.

To attract customers, you can make a microsite offering your services or a profile on freelancers sites, such as Upwork, where there are always opportunities for online language teachers. In the case of making your microsite, ideally it is optimised with keywords that your potential customers searched for, you may need to optimise it in more than one language. Another idea is to add a blog to the site, which gives tips on how to learn the language x for foreigners.

If you know another language, you can still offer your French services to students from around the world. To be a teacher, you need to have the ability to teach and lots of creativity. If this is your case … good luck!


1 – Basic knowledge of internet and social networks.

2 – Be fluent in some other language than French

13 – How to Make Money Being a Digital Producer

Do you have a facility on one topic in particular or on several? Have you considered the possibility of becoming a guru and selling your digital products to the entire country? Yes! This is possible and hundreds of people already make money doing it. You can record videos teaching how to do something and sell the course, you can also do a school of online courses or produce e-books that solve a problem in people’s lives.

Teaching programming, how to cook, how to make organic cosmetics, how to learn math, physics or chemistry in an easy and practical way can be a good balcony!

The first step is to identify a common problem in people’s lives. And then look at the competition: Already have people talking about it? Can I be better than the gurus of this niche?

One platform specialising in digital products is Hotmart. I recommend you sign up for this platform because:

  • You will have access to the list of products already marketed
  • You can see information on how sales of a particular product
  • Looking at what already exists, you can promote and earn a commission or have ideas to create your own products and sell them through Hotmart.

Always choose a niche that is easy for you because to sell digital products you really need to do a good job and present innovative and creative solutions to those who want to buy your products.

Marketing about your product will define the success or otherwise of sales. Always speak authoritatively about the subject and produce content that is really worth every penny the customer has paid for it.

In USA, there is still a large space for digital products. If you can grasp this opportunity, you will have great success!

Stay tuned!

Always stay away from ways that seem miraculous, because most of the time you will be cheated.

Whenever someone asks me for an opinion on a certain “easy” way to make money on the internet, I ask you to stop and analyse. If you were the owner of this miraculous way, would you pay for that value that is promising you the job you were to do? Stay tuned and flee from the blows.

There is no miracle recipe to make money on the internet, just like in real life, money comes with steady work. If you want to make money, first invest in your knowledge, be the best at what you do, and then naturally attract customers.

Which of these ways to make money on the internet fit your profile better?

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