How to Protect Your Credit Card

How to Protect Your Credit Card
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A unique gift of modern technology, electronic payment facility through Debit-credit card With such a card, it is possible to get a lot of rescues from the hassle of travelling around with money. Customers have got the benefit of paying bills through electronic payments in a moment. But there are also harmful aspects along with the benefits of technology. Electronic payment is no exception. Taking advantage of the technology gap, one kind of cyber criminals are always busy making money online. False cyber criminals could leave the account empty in a moment of unhappiness. Cyber criminals are active, so what will the people deprive themselves of this facility of technology?

When did Credit Card launch from the world?

In the 1980s, credit cards were introduced. In a short period of time, it is very popular in most countries of the world. According to a study in 2016, the number of electronic card users increased by 7.3 percent in 2014 compared to 2014. The number of new subscribers worldwide increased to 31 trillion. According to the report, seven out of eight transaction transactions in Europe are through electronic payments. But the biggest fear is that, in the one year, 21 billion dollars of money fraud in the whole world happened. In 2010, the amount of fraud was 8 billion dollars. Researchers expect the figure to rise to $ 31 billion in 2020.

How to Protect Your Credit Card

Cyber criminals use the latest technology to fraud. In this (CNP) card issuer is one of the most common fraud. This kind of fraud is basically done online. Cyber criminals steal customer’s personal information by sending ‘phishing’ emails via malicious links. Later, using this information, he committed crimes.

Another method is the Card Present Fraud. In this process the criminals by stealing the customer’s money by skimming the customer’s card. Many times, when the vendors of the shop have been able to swipe the customer’s card, they will keep a copy of the customer’s information in that device. This is also a fraud. Again, such incidents happen even when unscrupulous vendors once billed more than one bill.

It is important to protect your password to protect yourself from such fraud. Under no circumstances should the password be written anywhere, not to anyone. There are also many precautions to be followed in the online world.

Safe Browsing: Seeing the preferred product on a website, be careful about seeing the ‘Pay’ button for price repurchase. Whenever you browse the internet, keep in mind that if the site name is not initially https: // then leave the site immediately. Https: // means that the site is safe, but if there is the only http: // then it is better to not do anything from that site.

Difficult Passwords: In most cases, it is difficult to pin the PIN given to many people by setting it to 1234, which is easy to guess and fraudulent. So, it is best if you can set a pin to memorize the pinned with the card and burn the paper or set itself a little harder. Fraudsters can deceive people by calling the customer at the same time but even after paying the people to the bank. So nobody can call anyone if they ask for any secret information like PIN number by calling or emailing the bank.

Web Security Tool: Web security tools or antivirus that are connected to this tool can be used for both mobile phones and computers. In these cases, web security tools can play an effective role in protecting against any unpleasant situations.

Report card loss: In case the card is stolen or lost, the customer will take action to stop the card by calling the customer care. It is important to remember, the biggest way to avoid card fraud is to raise awareness.

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