India is the country with the largest number of Facebook users

India has more than 50 million new active users created in the last six months, which corresponds to a 27% growth in the social network.

On Tuesday (13), the statistics of the company Facebook, created by Mark Zuckerberg, show that India is the country with the largest user platform, with an active public of 241 million.

The new data shows a million more Indian users compared to users of the American platform that have 240 million users in percentage.

Soon after Facebook announced that it was able to reach 2 billion active accounts around the world, India ranked first in the countries with the highest number of users on the platform.

According to The Next Web, the country may have been the main contributor to the company reaching 2 billion users, as more than 50 million new active users were created in the last six months, corresponding to a growth of 27% On the social network. If we compare with data recorded in the United States, which was 26 million new users created, representing a growth of 12%, we can clearly see double the growth in the Indian country.

In addition, another factor contributing to the creation of new users is the increase in the number of smartphone purchases with internet access in India. According to data collected, 33% of the population owns a smartphone in the country.

Although, if we compare the numbers on access, the table reverses, while in India only 19% of the public used Facebook in the last month, in the United States more than 73% of Americans used the platform, a number not far enough !?

As for the general population, access reaches 42%, of which 3/4 of active users are men, while in the United States 54% of the public is female.

The major trend is that the number of active users increases in the Indian country, since the majority of the population of the country is young, being in the age group below 25 years. According to Zuckerberg is “a new market to break.”

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