What Is InterServer? A Brief Introduction of InterServer

Interserver is a USA based hosting provider which has a fairly wide reach, although it promotes nice quality over the price in most of its catalogue. From 1999 Interserver has served a remarkable number of clients from their individual data centre New Jersey and also has its individual fibre network across the country – an impressive achievement.

Interserver appears to be privately owned and says its main technical team has been with the Interserver from its startup. Provides services to companies of all sizes. Their hosting plans are aimed at commercial users.

Interserver’s hosting plans

InterserverThe company website divides your hosting needs into a number of categories. Their approach seems to be VPS hosting, which is where most of the options are found.

We will explore your hosting packages in the order they are promoted on the site.

  • Web hosting is essentially shared hosting, even though it mentions web hosting in the cloud on the product page. All resources are unlimited, including disk space, bandwidth, databases and email. Clients can host unlimited domains.
  • Resale hosting is a fairly standard product division in five variants. Disk space and bandwidth are measured. It is interesting to note that MySQL is installed on SSD for faster performance.
  • VPS cloud hosting might be purchased in OpenVZ or KVM, Linux, Windows, and in a data centre on the west coast or the east coast. Each is priced in “servings,” with a slider that allows customers to select the resources they need. The prices include the administration, but only for the software installed by Interserver or through the control panel.
  • Dedicated hosting is offered on two different levels: fast servers and dedicated servers. There are some basic dedicated plans which can be purchased.

Interserver also offers collocation in its New Jersey data centre.

Uptime / Interserver downtime

Interserver offers a 100 percent performance uptime guarantee on collocation. However, it is not a guarantee of uptime.

As for the guarantee of uptime: it is confusing. There is no obvious uptime guarantee on your web hosting product (shared hosting), but there is an99.9 percent operating guarantee of on VPS plans. On the data centre specifications page, it is mentioned that the uptime is 99.5 percent. This is quite poor compared to other hosting providers.

There does not appear to be any uptime statistics on the website, although there is a page for network tools; Presented a 404 error when I visited it.

As mentioned at the beginning of this introduction, Interserver has its own data centre in New Jersey and seems to rent space at a facility in California. There is a data centre camera on the site, but the camera or applet did not work when this review was done. However, there are some photos and specs. The data centre is divided into two floors, each occupying 8000 square feet. Structures include fire suppression, biometric locks, raised floors, ceiling air conditioning, air conditioning, and UPS power.

I found information about the backups in a forum entry, although I have no reason to believe that the information has changed. Depending on the entry, daily, weekly, and monthly backup and shared hosting accounts are backed up. Dedicated server and VPS plans do not have backups. A more recent entry in the Interserver blog suggests that VPS clients use the cPanel backup system:

http://www.interserver.net/blog/setting-up-your-new-server-an-interserver -tutorial/

Interserver support

Assistance is provided through a web portal, also the support staff seems to be their own. There is a knowledge base (very small), a system of ticket and forum. Some of the resources displayed on the portal, such as the troubleshooter, do not actually link to anything.

Telephone supports are available 24 hours a day and there is also a live chat support function, which is 24 hours a day. On the support site, there is a news blog, which is actually more a blog hosting in general, in addition to various social media links.

Interserver in the press

After a little research, I have not found anything about Interserver in the press.

Control Panel of Interserver

Interserver offers cPanel in Linux plans; which is a payment supplement to VPS plans, and you need to use the correct Linux distribution. Operators are also allowed to use theDirectAdmin. Windows servers do not come along with a Cpanel.

Interserver Add-ons

The extras offered on Interserver do not vary much from those of rest of the hosting providers. Shared hosting clients can also use site creation tool and take advantage of the range of single-click installer (Joomla, WordPress, SMF, phpBB, and others). There are advertising credits or marketing on the offer.

Cancellation Policy And Guarantee of Money Back

The company provides peace of mind through the guarantee of back your money for 30 days for shared hosting plan only on shared hosting plans.VPS, dedicated server and collation clients can request a refund before their server is configured. Each Plan is billed monthly also there is no long-term contract and exit fee: if you are willing to quit, simply cancel so you will no more be billed after your current month.

Interserver’s Overview

It seems to me that Interserver has established itself in its position and clearly counts on the technical arrangement to be considered established. I conceive that most of your income comes from collocation in your New Jersey data centre.

This is reproduced in the facts that the support material is vague in some case and little detailed and, as well as the guarantee of uptime, is not published consistently. Their packages are not that typical, but they are reasonable, and I am impressed with the capability of their hosting plans.

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