MacBook Air Still Better Than Ultrabooks

Announced more than 4 years ago the trend-setting Apple MacBook Air was the must-have luxury item. With its ability to fit in a manila envelope, be powerful enough to do any task, have outstanding battery life and have the thinnest profile of any laptop out there the MacBook was without any real competition. Fast-forward 4 years it is a completely different story as Intel has taken over with its slew of Ultrabook. Built around the idea of a PC MacBook Air Intel has made sure to always have style, thinness, and power at the heart of all its Ultrabook. However, do the new Ultrabook have what it takes to knock down the MacBook Air from the throne of premium computing?

This is the strongest category for any Apple product and the MacBook Air is no different. Apple really did set the standard very high with the MacBook Air and its thin unibody design and simple yet classic Apple design language. The Intel Ultrabooks have all had a similar design to that of the MacBook Air but with variations setting them aside from each other. Asus is one with a metallic finish whilst Lenovo has a more mate finish to its Ultrabooks. Although all these designs are gorgeous in their own, way they all do have MacBook Air DNA in their design language. Which is why the MacBook Air has the best design?

Initially, when the MacBook Air came out it was a perfect combination of power and beauty, making it the ultimate combination for any Apple user. However, as the years have passed the MacBook Air is not as much as a powerhouse of a laptop as it was. Although there have been many iterations and upgrades to the inner hardware of the MacBook Air it is not available with the same level of power you can get from an Ultrabook. For example, the Sony Vaio Z has a Quad Core i7 processor with Intel Turbo boost technology. While the best MacBook Air has a dual-core Intel i5 processor with Turbo Boost. Due to the enormous amount of different performance options, available Ultrabooks are the more powerful option.

Just a few months ago, the MacBook Air would have beaten any Ultrabook in the screen resolution department. Nevertheless, with the latest batch of Intel Ultrabooks screen resolution has soured past what the MacBook Air has to offer. Until Apple decides to upgrade the MacBook Air with Retina Display screens Ultrabooks are the way to go for movie lovers want a laptop.


The MacBook Air has the staple design for many Apple fans. The keyboard, Trackpad, and OS (operating System) just click together so well. On the other hand, you have Ultrabooks that all have varied keyboards, sizes and come in hybrid designs (both tablet and laptop). This is completely up to the user as some people may find the MacBook Air form the most user-friendly and thus comfortable while others will struggle without the Windows OS and functionality. If you need more flexibility then Ultrabooks may be the way to go for you.


The MacBook Air is a premium device at a premium price, which is why it is not an option for everyone. If you need a stylish design and functions at a lower price than Ultrabooks are for you as they range from a wide array of prices which can start from as little as $600 to $2000.

Final Thoughts
The MacBook Air is an iconic device in all ways but it has aged which is why if you find that it doesn’t meet all your requirements an Ultrabook is a very good alternative for anyone looking for the stylish design and portability of the MacBook Air.

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