How to Make Money Selling Mobile Apps to Local Businesses

How to Make Money Selling Mobile Apps to Local Businesses
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Mobile app development is a great venture no matter if you want to start small or big. Even individual app developers can make huge sums of money by selling mobile apps to local businesses let alone big startups. However, that requires a great amount of determination and a lot of leg-work, especially, when it comes to marketing your app. Here are some ideas that you must consider in order to put yourself on the right track for creating a continuous stream of revenue for yourself.

Reach Out To Your Targeted Audience

Targeted Audience

Marketing an app starts a lot earlier that actually offering your app in the market. Before you begin working on the app having dozens of different features, it is important that you reach out to your targeted audience and discuss the idea with them. You’d always prefer that anything that you make is exactly what your prospects need.

Set up your list of prospects and pitch the idea to them. Contact them over an email and ask for only 5-10 minutes from their busy schedule. You can even incentivize them by offering some educational content to value their time. And, once you have an appointment, use it for asking some critical questions regarding what they’d want an app like the one you’d be working on to offer them. When you have a considerable amount of opinions from different people, you can brainstorm those ideas and come up with something that is actually needed by local businesses for accomplishing some of their core activities.

Leverage The Mobile Website That You Already Have

If you already have a website that is mobile-friendly and fully functional, it can serve to be among your greatest assets for promoting the app. At some point in time, your existing customers or someone interested would land on your website for one reason or another. And, when that happens, it’s important for them to know that you’re offering some app as well which might be of interest to them too.

Just keep it in mind that when you incorporate your app into your website, you’re actually going to designate a section of the website to the app. It could be in one corner of the main page or maybe in the centre of it.

But this step can be taken when you actually have your app ready and is open for businesses to acquire. It will really help boost the number leads and more and more businesses would want to have your app when they know it’s something they want. Another good idea is to make it display on some pop-up page whenever a visitor lands on your website. This will be even better for your cause.

Make Your Demo

How to Make Money

Creating videos as a demo can help you a lot in showcasing your well-built app perfectly. Visuals can be more convincing to an audience than anything else. And, whenever you reach out to a business, or someone comes looking for you, they’d want to have something that they can actually look at. You can’t really convince them with words. All you need is 30 seconds or 1-minute video that says it all about your app.

It is advised that this demo video is made by a group of professionals. They’d actually add only the most needed stuff into the video and will give you something that has the capacity to turn your prospects into customers pretty quickly. The video won’t just highlight the salient features of your app but will also be an attention-grabber from the marketing perspective.

Once you have the video ready, it shouldn’t just be kept in a flash-drive for showing the demo to prospects you reach out to. Rather, you should share this demo on social media and make full use of your social network in spreading the word out that you have something special to sell to local businesses.

Join Entrepreneurs & Developers On Popular Social Media Platforms

developer community

Just like sharing your video on the social media, you should do other things as well. In today’s digital times, social media has become a really powerful and effective tool for marketing and you must take full advantage of it. When you’ll be part of groups featuring entrepreneurs and other fellow developers and will contribute to those groups regularly, you’d be better known and people will know what you’re offering. And, whenever someone needs something like your app – or anyone in their circles needs it – you’ll be the first person they’ll contact.

Get Your App On The App Review Websites

App Review Sites

Getting your app featured on the popular app review websites will definitely endorse your offering and will boost your sales. But, before you get it there, you will first have to pitch your app to them. You’ll need to convince them that you have a good enough app for them to review and feature on their website. Most of such websites are in search of things like beautiful graphics, unique and original themes and mechanics, and apps without any glitches or crashes.

When you first reach out to them, make sure that you have some supporting material for the app. It could be a document that contains things like your app’s link in app store, screenshots of the app logo, content and main screen, a short summary describing the app and its standout features, links to your app’s demo videos

If you are able to convince them and get your app featured and reviewed on popular websites, you’ll have a great chance of capitalizing on their traffic. Any local business that comes looking for something in your niche would be able to get your app in the search results and will be likely to convert into your customer.

So, these are a few tips that you must try out in order to keep your app’s marketing aspect on the right track. Obviously, if you will do the marketing right, you will be able to generate more leads and more money at the end of the day. So, develop some of the best iPhone apps and market them rightly to local businesses to make more money than ever.

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