Why Companies Cannot Ignore SEO

Having a website that can’t be found is the virtual equivalent of owning a Cornershop deep in the amazon rainforest. Your own home on the web may well be the design statement of a generation, your prices might be unrivaled, but who’s around to snap up the offers?

Luckily for you, going from online newcomer to industry heavyweight is a lot easier than, say, moving a Cornershop from a rainforest. Search engines are the key here, as it’s important to realize that success online rarely comes about by accident or through luck. It’s about being in the right place at the right time over, and over, and over again. 

Search is about being found by the right people, allowing motivated window shoppers to be exposed by your pitch and convincing them to pick up their phone or purchase there and then. By ranking high on Google and Yahoo, you can do exactly that.

Professional search marketing agencies should teach you a thing or two about how the web works, why search engine optimization (SEO) is essential and how much power you have at your fingertips on the web today, but here’s a brief lowdown on why you should pursue your interest.

search engine optimizationReputation

Despite their reliance on Google to throw up a mix of possible solutions for their queries, research shows that 93 percent of users doesn’t look beyond the first two pages of search results. Most will actually migrate to another engine to see what they can offer on their first two pages. So how are you going to be found if you’re nowhere to be seen?

The same study revealed that 33 percent of users think companies ranking highest in search results are ‘major brands’ in their product/service category. SEO provides a route for even the smallest of retailers to become world-beaters online – a world where reputation counts for everything.

When more people visit your site, take a look around and place an order as a result of SEO, you then have more people likely to come back and spread the good word to their friends. Optimization is an effective way to get the ball rolling, by pushing your site up the rankings and letting the traffic flood in.

Increased knowledge in customer base

Think you know your market from back to front? Try thinking again. While you may know a thing or two about your online target audience, paid search can help you dive deeper into the minds of prospective customers and discover what they want.

Through optimized paid search you can determine which keywords saw users flock to your site and what types of content resulted in the sales. Monitoring and managing these variables usually reaps a higher ROI, just if you’re interested.

It’s targeted

SEO is highly targeted – location mapping and specific searches allow it to be. Using keyword analysis, you can find just how big your market really is and even identify the intent behind the search.

The web traffic gained then has the highest potential in terms of generating sales, as it’s the people who have come looking for you. SEO puts you in amongst a highly receptive group and lets these people take you at face value. It’s a certified brand builder!

Because change happens

Search engines continuously update their algorithms by which their search bots operate. This means that optimization tactics that work wonders for you one day may send your website sliding down the ladder on another. So you should understand the importance of fine-tuning your page in order to move with the times.

The trouble is that SEO is largely trial and error – a process that takes time and diligence. Above all, you need an understanding of the technology that can send a page right back up to where it belongs. It is through this understanding and keeping abreast of the changes in the search industry that search marketing agencies earn their worth, and ultimately aim to make you more money and protect your revenue as best as they can.

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