6 Ways to Increase Search Engine Ranking of Your Website

Search engine ranking (SERP) is been the top most way to get targeted traffic to your site or blog. Ranking at the top of keyword becomes little difficult as we have to push down the other search term results which possess the same keyword. SERP’s are dependent on many factors like keyword density, Backlinks, Domain authority, SEO and the quality of post. We will discuss few more ways to get your search engine rankings in a quick and easy ways.

Keyword Rich URL

Permalink of post is the most things to be watched in a post. By default of any CMS there’s a scripted permalink which should be changed to custom one in its settings. Permalinks are to be as of your post title which is search engine friendly. For example instead of www.example.com/P1234, it should be like www.example.com/how-to-write-a-post. Permalinks are the header of each post and they are crawled first from the search engine spiders. If these links are same then it would easily rank on top of the search as the spiders look for the same the keyword entered in the search tab and the permalink given to a post.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is to be carried out for every page and post of a site or blog. Search engine couldn’t follow normal text language instead they understand Meta language and HTML language. Post which are been published through WordPress and Bloggers are of text basis. To make it search engine friendly we need to add Meta title, Meta description and Meta tags to the post. Adding these functions can make your search result to rank on top quickly.Search engine ranking

Link Building

Link building is the best way to get ranked on the top of the search results. Link building is been the most generous and reputed way to authorize a website. Most of the link building ways are no longer useful after Google’s penguin algo, but still blog commenting, guest blogging, press releases are hold a great value and you can improve search engine ranking by these strategies.

Blog Commenting

I do not want to explain about blog commenting as you well aware about this, but if you’re not getting targeted traffic from blog commenting, you should change your trend in posting relevant comment about the subject instead of posting ‘thanks’ ‘great’ etc

Guest Blogging

One of the top most strategies used by webmasters/marketers is publishing well written article on other relevant niche sites and link back to their targeted site. One can easily get links by this way and all we do is continuous follow up since guest blogging take time to manage the campaigns, but still its worth for your efforts.

Press Release

Press releases are like spreading the news or information’s around the web and its believed that the links from press releases are higher authority links. There were many free press release services offers link back to website, you can build targeted links. For best results you can use premium services to build contextual links which is 100 times worth than getting links from directories.

Here I’ve explained few ways of getting links to improve the website ranking and in fact there were many ways you can use it to get rank for a website, so if you’re using any strategies, you can expose your views in the form of comment.

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