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Hi guys in this post I will discuss how to secure your online privacy while using Mozilla Firefox. In this post, i will discuss what are the needs of secure browsing? How to browse the internet using secure connections? How to protect your online privacy?
You will get the answer to all of these queries in this post!

What are the needs of secure internet browsing?
A) There are many reasons due to which you might want to use secure internet browsing! Some of them are:
1) Adware: Adware is the special type of programs which loads ads n order to generate revenue to the creator. These are sometimes automatically installed while browsing some harmful sites.
2) Malware: Some sites contain harmful malware which poses a great threat to your systems.
3) Protect your privacy: You want to hide from the internet!

In order to secure Internet browsing and moreover to provide considerable privacy to a user when he/she is browsing the website, a number of Firefox plugins can be used.

secure internet browsing
Some of them are described below:

NoScript: NoScript is not easy to use for beginners as for many websites you would have to ask NoScript to allow the website to execute JavaScript code, thus requiring double requests while trying to open the web page. But NoScript can protect from a large number of Javascript based attacks, and users are encouraged to try to learn to browse websites with NoScript protection in place.
Web of trust (WOT): Web of trust is very useful plug-in as it warns user whenever they try to access a website that has very bad reputation.The bad reputation could be due to viruses, wrong information, violence, etc. reasons which WOT plug-in will try to indicate clearly to a user so that user can make an informed decision. Without WOT onus of checking whether a given website is safe or not is entirely on the user, which is completely impractical given that there are many million websites out there.
Ghostery: There are many advertisement networks that can be used to track the movement of the user from one website to other. With the help of Ghostery, users can prevent such tracking advertisement networks from tracking user movement.
Adblock plus: Adblock plus can be used to block advertisements that are displayed on many websites. It should be noted that in some cases, it may be illegal to use Adblock plus and website terms and conditions may specifically prevent the use of such plugins. But the plugin is very useful as it helps in avoiding annoying ads which not only waste bandwidth but also can be used to track a movement of users from one site to another.

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