SEO Optimization – Essential For Encouraging Benefits

With the growing number of unemployed, the interest in e-Marketing is also growing at a fast pace. Every year the number of new websites taking advantage of marketing online, through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, grows exponentially.

When marketing online, driving traffic to your website is critical. And PPC advertising is the quickest way to drive traffic to your website. But the growth in online marketing also results in increased competition, making it more difficult to become profitable. The direct result is increasing costs per click, reducing profit margins, and causing ad campaigns to become unprofitable.

It is no surprise then that alternative means for driving traffic cheaply to your website is being sought, and this leads to the growing importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).SEO Optimization


Both SEO and PPC rely on Keywords: one or more words that a potential customer would type into the Search Engine (like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) to locate information or products of interest. For example, if your online store is selling Strollers, then some keywords you would bid for in PPC would be the types of strollers (Canopy, Jogging, Tandem, Twin, Sit N Stand, etc.) and the brands of strollers (Graco, Perego, Jeep, Maclaren, Bob, etc.). So a keyword might be: Cheapest Graco Strollers.

With PPC, the cost (or bid price) for each click on a specific keyword depends on how competitive or in-demand that keyword is and the Search Engine your advertising with. If your bid is too low, you will find that your ads will not show up on the 1st page; instead they could show up on the 2nd page or lower, or not show up at all.

Search Engine Optimization Service is different. It relies on search engine site ranking (for that keyword) to determine where a description of your website will appear (again, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd page etc.). For ranking, the search engine will review the content on your website (on-site SEO), and the number of links from other sites that point to your website (off-site SEO). More specifically, you can improve your rank by optimizing your website for content specific to the keyword of choice, including meta tags and description, adding both inbound and outbound links, and adding quality content on a regular basis.

The advantage of SEO is two-fold: First, it is relatively cheap. You are not paying for clicks when someone clicks on the description of your website. And second, its impact is longer-lasting which will enable your website to maintain its rank and continue driving traffic.

On-Site vs. Off-Site SEO

When you optimize your website to improve search engine ranking for a keyword, it is called on-site SEO. The techniques associated with on-site SEO are too numerous to mention in this article, but the most important is your content. For each keyword you want to rank for, it is best to have a separate page of content specific to that keyword. Within the page, the keyword should be in your H1 title and included a few times within the body of the content. It also helps to have an internal link using the keyword (perhaps in your menu), and an outbound link to other websites related to the topic of the keyword.

Off-site SEO techniques are also numerous, but the objective is to build links from external websites that point directly to your optimized Home Based Business Opportunity website page. In my opinion, this would best be accomplished by submitting articles to the top three article directories, which include the links back to your page. These links are best placed in the Resource box of the article.

Article submission is a powerful technique when done properly. Submit only quality content, on topics of high long-term interest. This will ensure that the article will be passed around and picked up by the search engines quickly. As time goes by, the links generated by your article will grow, and this will improve the ranking of your page and website.


Improving the profitability of your online business will require developing ways to reduce costs associated with driving traffic to your website. SEO represents an ideal way to accomplish this.

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