SEO vs PPC: What to Choose?

Ideally you would want both. Why not have your cake and eat it at the same time? The truth is that both are going to cost you money.  You are going to have to spend money on PPC if you want people to run your ads, and SEO is going to cost you a lot of time. Unless you are able to work and do not need to pull an income, then SEO is free. Otherwise, your time costs money and you need to make sure you do not squander that time. Even people who are very good at SEO can waste a lot of time in trying to get their websites ranked higher. Here is an explanation of each concept, and maybe after reading, you will know which one you wish to use to market your website, blog, products or services.


What is SEO all about?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is based upon a set of guidelines and rules that the search engines have laid out. The biggest search engine on the planet is called Google, and so most people follow their rules and guidelines.

Their guidelines give you advice on what to do to make your website or blog more search engine friendly. They give advice on what you should do within your website itself (on-page) and give advice on a few things that you may do outside of your website (off-page). Their SEO guidelines are there to help people rank their websites higher up the search engine results pages; whereas their rules are there to punish people and knock them down the search engine results pages.

Google especially has a very strict list of rules you should follow if you do not want to see your website kicked off of the search engine results pages. If you follow the guidelines to closely and over optimize, then you can even be punished for that too.

What is PPC all about?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It is a way of advertising your website by posting ads online. You can post ads on other people’s websites, or you can post them on search engines. You have to sign up to an affiliate network, and they will tell you where they will post your ads. You then have to pay for clicks on your advert.

An advert will run on a person’s website, and users will see it and click on it. They will then get through to your website where they may buy something. You will have to pay the affiliate program a bit of money in order to keep having your advert clicked on. This means that you can run ads on hundreds of websites, and if it doesn’t get any clicks then you do not pay. You only pay if the advert is clicked upon by a user.

What are the good and bad points of SEO and PPC?

A PPC campaign will get you traffic straight away. It is possible for a PPC campaign to start sending you traffic within minutes of it going online. On the other hand, it will cost you money to see that traffic. SEO will send you free traffic, but it could be months or a year before you actually see any real traffic.

A PPC campaign will cost you more money if you get more traffic. You have to pay for every click which means that if you want more traffic then you are going to have to keep paying more and more. With SEO you do not have to keep paying more and more for traffic. You can have massive amount of traffic at one point and it not cost you a penny.

A PPC campaign is a lot easier to optimize. You can alter and adjust very small details and then sit back and wait to see if it makes a difference. There is a lot more ambiguity when it comes online SEO. A small change can have a knock on effect that does not show its face for a good six months.

A PPC campaign does take a bit of work if you want one that is going to work correctly, and once your budget runs out, then you traffic dries up. This is not the case with SEO, because the effects are a lot longer lasting.

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