Things to Consider When Purchasing a Laptop for Your Child Who’s Going Off to University

if your son or daughter is all grown up and ready to go off to study at the university of his or her choice, one of the investments that you should make for him or her is into a laptop that can be utilised on campus as well as at home. Computer use is absolutely necessary for university students, who need to be able to accept and send emails, perform research on the internet, and create presentations and reports.

Laptops are a portable form of a desktop computer that would be too bulky to bring to a dorm, and most students prefer the portability of a laptop that they can take with them to a café or library to get some extra work done between classes. Some universities even allow students to bring the laptops into the classrooms as well. With so many great reasons to buy your university student a laptop, below are some things that you should consider while shopping for the best one.

How Heavy is the Laptop?

Most university students take their laptops everywhere they go, especially during school hours. Therefore, the weight of a laptop should be taken into consideration. Between having to carry books and other supplies to class, your son or daughter will already have enough extra weight to deal with, so the best laptop is one that is slim and lightweight and will easily fit into a small, lightweight carrying case as well.

Powerful Battery

A long battery life is absolutely necessary if you want your child to have enough time to get all of his or her work done while away from home. It is not always possible to find an outlet in the wall to plug the laptop in. A long-lasting battery will ensure that your son or daughter will be able to use the laptop with ease for long periods of time, without needing to worry about cutting his or her work short to recharge the computer.

Choosing Between Macs and PCs

There is an eternal debate between PC and Mac users, and when it comes to laptops, the choice is ultimately up to you. Both offer different price ranges that can suit everyone’s budget, but if your son or daughter has a particular preference, just go with that. Macs are typically better suited to those who are entering creative fields, however, as the systems are usually strong enough to handle expensive and complicated software programs for everything from video editing to music creation. Also, many people find that PCs need to be replaced more often than Mac products, so it may be worth looking into a Mac for better returns on your investment.

Gadget Insurance for Peace of Mind

No matter what type of laptop you decide on, though, consider getting affordable gadget insurance that will protect your investment. Whether your child’s laptop ends up being damaged, stolen, or lost, a good insurance policy will cover the costs and help you breathe easier knowing that there is a solution at hand.

Laura Ginn is a tech blogger who regularly uses her laptop while she travels. She knows how important it is for a student to have a laptop that he or she can use at school as well as back at home. She suggests purchasing a high-quality laptop that will last.

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