What Is Cloud Technology

What Is Cloud Technology One of the commonly used terms today is cloud technology or applications and programs that run in the cloud? If you have doubts about how this technology works, what it is used for and what are the advantages of using it, in this post, you will find a mini-guide on this new trend in Informatics, which is called to change the software paradigms that we know nowadays.

Until a few years ago, cloud computing was seen as a trend. The bet was that no one else would need to install any program on their computer to perform basic tasks (like tinkering with worksheets) to more complex jobs (see editing images and videos) because everything would be done over the internet.

In this article, you will learn more about the basics what is cloud technology and computing. And also check out the current landscape of this technology as you can find more and more services that work from an internet connection.

Cloud Technology

The definition of cloud technology is extremely simple. This is a new trend of software, in which all services provided to the computer are done directly from the Internet, therefore, you will no longer have to install a huge amount of files on the computer, since the program you want Use, it will run directly from the server of the software provider, lightening our hard drives.

The only drawback of this technology is that we will necessarily have to have an Internet connection to access it. We can say that it is a technology oriented to the use of small and portable computers (using online services), which simplifies the installation of software and optimises the use of hard disk space, not having to fill it with huge Amounts of supplementary files.

How does it work?

what is cloud technology

When talking about cloud computing, there is a talk of accessing files and performing different tasks over the internet. That is, you do not need to install applications on your computer for everything because you can access different online services to do what you need since the data is not on a specific computer but on a network.

Once properly connected to the online service, you can enjoy your tools and save all the work that is done to access it after all – that’s why your computer will be in the clouds because you can access the applications from of any computer that has access to the internet.

Just think that from an internet connection, you can access a server capable of running the desired application, which can be from a word processor to even a game or a heavy video editor. While servers run a program or access certain information, your computer only needs the monitor and peripherals for you to interact with.

Its operation is simple; we just need to install a small application on our PC: A client of the software that we want to use. Each time we run this client, it will be connected through the Internet connection with the server that contains the software that we are using, becoming a kind of client-server program, where we will send information to the server to execute our task.

It is a similar operation to the terminal machines of a network. Of course, this represents a huge advantage for the end user, as it gains space on their disks and mobility. The only drawback is that all the work will be done in a central computer, which will otherwise leave our files registered and present problems, we will not have the opportunity to work until said inconvenience is solved.

Types of cloud

Types of cloud

There are basically three types of cloud applications:

  • Public clouds, of global use.
  • Private clouds, which are oriented to corporate solutions.
  • Hybrid clouds, which are a mixture of previous clouds.

Among advantages and disadvantages

As you can see, the advantages provided by cloud computing are many. One of them – perhaps the most shocking for most people – is the need to have a powerful machine, since everything runs on remote servers.

Another benefit is the ability to access data, files and applications from anywhere, just by having an internet connection to it – that is, it is not necessary to keep important content on a single computer.

However, not everything is flowers. Cloud storage also creates mistrust, especially when it comes to security. After all, the proposal is to keep important information in a virtual environment, and not all people are comfortable with it.

It should also be noted that since there is a need to access remote servers, it is essential that the internet connection is stable and fast, especially when it comes to streaming and games. And one must also take into account that the servers are in distant places, therefore, an unstable or low-speed internet is detrimental to the full exploitation of the technology.

But there is no doubt that cloud computing is an increasingly solid reality. In recent years, big companies have paid close attention to this technology, and everything makes us believe that this will continue.

Cloud technology today

Cloud technology today

Today, software that works with cloud technology is becoming more and more popular. Among the major programs of this type, we have Panda Cloud antivirus, online office applications and file storage programs, such as Flickr.

The tendency to use this technology is increasing and it is possible that in the future the software developers create only this type of programs.

Wikipedia says about Cloud computing

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