What is Deep Web?

What is Deep Web?
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Understand What is Deep Web. The internet is not just what you have in your eyes. Just like in real life, the worldwide computer network also has hidden areas where lawlessness rules and outlaws meet.

Before I start with this article, I have to admit that it was not easy to write it. I confess I had never heard of Deep Web or, if I did, I did not pay much attention. So I had to search and run after information. And I came across things I never imagined existed. Things that are not pleasant and that show the kind of people who share the planet with us.

Therefore, the following is the warning: the content below is not recommended for sensitive people. Deep Web is not called that by chance. It’s like getting out of your comfort zone and entering an alley at the worst spot in your city frequented by the worst buses. And this is not an exaggeration.

The purpose of this text is to inform readers What is Deep Web and what kind of content you find in it. So, we expect you to think twice before risking venturing through these sites.

We are accustomed, unfortunately, in our day to day, to read and to watch the sad news about crimes that occur daily. Murders, prisons for illegal practices and more.

These activities are not restricted to the real world. The virtual also counts on the presence of “forces of the law”. And they find themselves in one place: the Deep Web. The ” Dark Side ” of the internet.

Literally, Deep Web meansdeep Web“, what happens in the depths of the internet and that does not reach your eyes. In other words, Deep Web sites are not registered by any search engine (that’s right … forget Google).

Think of the analogy of an iceberg: you can see the tip that lies out of the water (called the “Surface Web“, the “visible” sites), but there is something much deeper below (the Deep Web).

What is Deep Web

The image above exemplifies exactly what the size of the Deep Web is. It is much larger than the part to which we have free access. Maybe 500 times bigger, maybe 5,000 … we do not know for sure.

But how is the page not registered by Google or any other search engine? Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible. Do you know how? The page does not exist. That’s right. The Deep Web pages do not exist. So it’s a “little tricky” of them being discovered by Google, no?

But if they do not exist, how is it possible to access them?

The pages do not exist in a static way, that is, stoppages, waiting to be accessed. The pages are dynamic. Explaining: When someone wants to access a specific Web site from Deep Web, a built-in programming engine builds the page on time, on demand. Sinister, is not it?

The tool used by Deep Web users to access it is called “The Onion Route,” better known as TOR(Onion Route). TOR is the world’s most advanced Proxy and provides access to illegal sites.

The TOR idea started in China. As you may know, Internet censorship in China has always been very rigid. The Chinese government blocks a number of sites so the Chinese do not have access.

The Chinese, Asian as they are, and dissatisfied with not being able to access sites that would provide them with some fun, revolted and resolved to create proxies so they could navigate and exchange information without government intervention. That’s how the TOR came out, created by Jacob Applebaum.

The TOR uses a rather complex math and is currently maintained by programmers from around the world who act on a voluntary basis, and also through anonymous contributions. Thus, software is constantly perfected to avoid political influence.

And I wish it was only politics. As you can imagine, thanks to their anonymity, the proxy was adopted by extremist groups, by the Mafia, by terrorists, assassins and whoever come to mind. Now, do you understand who we’re dealing with?

Although well-known and widely used, it is estimated that the TOR covers only about a quarter of the Deep Web. But even so, it is content that does not end. Your links are not “.com” or “.org”, but “.onion”. The name “onion” (onion, in English) is as if it were to represent the multiple layers of information, similar to an onion.

It is believed that Deep Web was revealed to the “normal” world after the murder case in Germany, where the killer showed in his trial that he only committed the crime because the victim himself had requested it on the internet in detail.

If all that were not enough, this type of internet also has its own currency, Bitcoin. It was created so Deep Web’s “merchants” will not get caught. The coin is highly confidential and leaves no trace. Thus, people receive their payment and continue to act quietly.


Let’s start with the examples. It is recommended to have a strong stomach to go forward in the text because they are really revolting things. Let’s not cite everything found in Deep Web, but with the examples below you can already have an idea of what is there.

RENTAL KILLERS: It’s amazing how Deep Web assassins are advertised. These are pages created by killers themselves offering their services. The amount varies according to the person and their popularity. Politicians, journalists and executives are more expensive. People with military training are also not cheap because of the threat they pose.

And do not think ads are only made by people who just want to get rid of the lives of others. Business is professional. There are groups of highly trained mercenaries who act globally. Chilling.

TERRORIST GROUPS: Terrorists (and similar) have forums on the Deep Web to discuss tactics and actions they will take. And do not find it easy to read its contents. Probably, to have access to the discussions and post in the forum, you will have your whole life turned by those responsible. Nothing exciting.

PEOPLE TRAFFICKING: Some of the most common sites on the “invisible internet” are those that “sell” people. Do you know when you go to the bakery and order five loaves of bread? It’s more or less the same. That simple.

In specific sites, you simply put what you want to acquire (children, virgins, etc …) and wait. Soon someone comes along with your “product”. However, most prefer direct negotiations in forums, for their security and effectiveness in communication.

DRUG TRAFFICKING: The simplest service could not be missed. There are numerous sites that offer the sale of all types of drugs, just choose which one you want to buy. The price varies depending on the drug and the type of delivery. Obviously, the safer, more expensive. Stealth, they say, is absolute and with no chance of tracking.

SNUFF FILMS: They are found on the mounds in Deep Web. If you do not know, Snuff Films are videos of murders recorded by the murderers themselves recording their action purely for fun. A simple search, or even an “unintentional” access, takes you to a snuff film page. Revolting and disgusting.

PEDOFILIA: Something that already makes anyone angry is not left out of this internet. Because it is something very common, it is found without difficulties. Ready for a bomb? Same?

Paedophiles like to show off each other. Many of them give medicine to children to start puberty earlier. Thus, they impregnate them and observe their death, since they are not able to support a delivery.

MORE BIZARRICES: We could, unfortunately, be talking lines and more lines about the barbarities that Deep Web offers, but let’s save your eyes. Just to register, it is common to find websites of people who do mutilations (and teach you how to do it!), People who sell confidential information (like a credit card) and other brutal videos of fights and the like.

And all these things would be a mess if there was some kind of organisation, right? And it exists. The Hidden Wiki is a kind of Wikipedia of the TOR network and has information on websites that can be accessed, news and slang used by the patrons.


After reading all these things, it is virtually impossible for anyone to think that there is a good side to this set of illegal activities. But it exists (in an outrageously minor proportion, but exists). Sites that would be highly repressed and punished on the normal internet can take their first steps on Deep Web. Here are a few examples:

WIKILEAKS: The site created by Julian Assange, which publishes highly confidential documents related to the government of numerous countries, began at Deep Web, to gain strength and supporters. Only after it has solidified has it moved to the Surface Web.

ANONYMOUS: The famous group of hackers Anonymous also appeared in Deep Web. There have even been reports that members of the group helped with the removal of one of the biggest paedophilia websites of the TOR, in addition to divulging the data of the paedophiles.


STUDY AND RESEARCH: There are several sites that offer books and study and research materials for free. Just search and you have access to the file without problems, which has content from all areas of human knowledge. Some issues, while controversial, also have discussion forums for users to discuss ideas without fear of being judged for it.


It is not necessary to remember that because it is a place frequented by hackers, crackers and the like, there is a good chance that your computer will be infected by a virus simply by accessing the site. Not all, but a considerable amount.

But just as criminals act on the Deep Web, security also tries to do its part. It’s no wonder that right now, as you read these lines, agents from all over the world are surfing the Internet obscurely, looking for criminals and trying to predict what can happen.

Traps are also present, to the surprise of the goers. Let’s say a group of agents creates a site for people trafficking. An individual goes there, provides the data, deposits the money and surprise! Minutes later your home is surrounded by suit agents and more. Game over.

I hope this article has given you a much bigger picture of what’s happening on Deep Web. It’s a place where you can find almost everything you’re looking for, but they’re generally not nice things.

We do not recommend access to Deep Web! Even if you want to look for things that are not offensive, there is a chance of accidentally falling into a site with videos that are not interesting at all. In addition, the possibility of your computer installing a virus is quite considerable. Be very careful! The path to follow depends solely on you.

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