What Is Digital technology And The Transformation of Society

What Is Digital technology And The Transformation of Society
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Digital technology is a factor that made its appearance a short time ago before most of the objects or artefacts we bought were an analogous type, today those same devices that were so useful 10 years ago are already obsolete for daily chores. From the coffee makers to the phones, refrigerators with monitors able to notify us if something is missing in our refrigerator and to regulate the temperature to LCD TVs and digital cameras.

But to be able to understand the whole of the word it is necessary to divide it, first, you must define technology and then the adjective that involves it, digital. The word technology, according to the Spanish Royal Academy is the study of the techniques, media, and processes used in different branches of industry with the aim of expanding the range of scientific discoveries.

For its part, the word Digital works or expresses through numbers. With both defined terms, we conclude that digital technology is the set of procedures and studies that are necessary to make scientific advances that are expressed in numbers; it also allows constant increase and revitalization of what is called the standard quality of the elements.

What is a digital technology?

Digital technology

Digital technology is a technology that is viewed from its operation no longer use a lot of manpower. But more likely the operator of a fully automated system and sophisticated with Computerized system/format that can be read by a computer. Digital technology is basically just very fast counting system that processes all forms of information as numerical values. In analogue technology, image and sound are converted into radio waves, then convert the digital technology the picture and sound into digital data consisting of the numbers 1 and 0. With this digital technology, the displayed image has a more natural colour quality and better resolution; it does not break down the quality while the image is displayed on a large screen.

The advance of digital technology and internet

digital technology

Thinking about “digital technology” back then was almost unthinkable, but today we are surrounded by technological advances that allow us to take, for example, 50 CD tracks in a small room that fits in our pocket. Today we have access to PC monitors or televisions that are able to let us see even the wrinkles of the actors and the density of light in one place. The digital technology was advancing and showed itself in computers, cell phones, etc.

The Internet

digital technology

The Internet is also part of the great digital market, through it, we usually download information, buy software and games consoles, PCs, and, of course, interact with friends and acquaintances through “social networks”, websites that allow and Facilitate communication between human beings.

But the internet is not the only example that exists in this world of digital technology: the camera was without a doubt one of the most popular digital inventions. The digital camera had such a big boom for the simple fact that no one would ever have imagined being able to have an apartment that would take photos with excellent resolution and that could be modified by the computer or the camera itself.

Digital Photography: Social Phenomenon

Digital Photography

The digital camera also became a popular phenomenon for the simple fact that, although its cost of acquisition was high, its useful life is greater and also the cost is amortized. How does this happen? The digital camera gives us the ability to erase a photo instantly if we do not like it, leaving room for more.

There is no revelation here, there are no more negatives; the photos are seen on computers and can be printed the ones they like in different size and colour, something that was previously unthought-of.

These advances that caused digital technology are part of a mass communication system, through the webcams, we can establish links with people who live thousands of kilometres from us, through the use of the PC we can exchange information, photos, files, etc. To achieve this 20 years ago we only had the email, even to be able to turn money. Currently, we can access our bank accounts, buy with credit card, sell products, etc.

Costs of digital products

Digital PhotographyAnother aspect of the digital technology that is favorable to us is that its cost is becoming increasingly low. When the first digital camera went on sale, its price ranged from the US $ 5,000 to the US $ 6,000. Today, however, we can get a good calibre digital camera and definition for $ 200. The same thing used to happen with flat screen TVs: at first, their prices did not fall below the US $ 4000, whereas today, a standard television screen 21-inch flat costs the US $ 250. The same is predicted for LCD TVs; its price will inexorably fall as new models are capping the market.

The advances in digital technology that are shaping the current market are mostly related to computing; Video cards that allow us to render games with a high degree of definition, surpassing any console of video games; Digital applications in music, communication, and programming.

Digital technology promises not to rest, the new models that will come will be even more surprising than we already have, and, at the same time, more unthinking than the previous ones.

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