What is Google Adsense?

What is Google Adsense?
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When the internet came about, its main purpose was to maintain communication, but shortly afterwards, it was discovered that it was possible to make some profit from it.

Many people are now making real fortunes through it, and the internet has become an important means of working. People who work in the medium, whether through websites or blogs, seek to make a profit from the dissemination of their content. Thus, nothing more just than those who offer informative material and contents receive some monetary benefit to maintaining the service.

Taking into account the fact, website owners and blog search Google Adsense, with this, will be able to monetize your work on the internet and ensure some profit with the disclosure of information.

After all, what is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a service offered by Google that aims to compensate the owners of websites and blogs of any size and that offer any kind of content. The remuneration passed on by Google occurs through every click the visitor receives on the page ads.

In short, the person responsible for the site or blog offers content, which can be of any nature allowed by Google, and thus, after applying to Google Adsense, advertisers will make ads available on the page. The visitor, clicking on some of them, will be directed to the page of the advertisement and with that, the owner of the site will receive for it. That being the case, the more clicks the ads have, the more the site or blog owner will receive.

Who can advertise?

Anyone can advertise your product or service. To be able to have your ad attached in Google search results you need to join the Adwords program. At the site, the advertiser will have to buy keywords in both the searches and the thousands of sites that are partners of the Adsense program. Each advertiser needs to pay one amount for each visit in their ads, and with this, Google can pass on part of the value to the owners of websites and blogs.

How much does Google pay per click on the ad?


What is Google Adsense

As we’ve seen, Google offers an ad program, where both the advertiser and the owner of a website or blog end up winning. The advertiser earns the return of his ad, while the site owner receives cash for displaying the content. A fair exchange.

But for those who think that being a Google Adsense affiliate is synonymous with easy money, know you’re wrong. The money arrives yes, in a correct way, however, to get some profit from your website or blog it takes a lot of effort, and it does not usually happen from one day to the next.

Thus, to make a profit depends on several factors, such as the types of campaign you offer, product, and also amount paid by the advertiser. It’s not easy to pinpoint just how much Google Adsense pays to website or blog owners, as it all depends on the number of ad clicks and the amount the advertiser pays for them.

What we can state is that the more daily visits in a certain content, the better for the owner. So let’s imagine that the clicks are generating 10 cents for each time and the owner receives 3000 visits per day, and of these 400 ending up clicking on an ad, with this we have 10 x 300 = $ 30.00. It seems little, but the value is daily and moreover, on the dollar!

However, we have seen that the number of visits needs to be large, and thus increase the chances of clicks on the ads. In order to win a large number of visits, the content exposed must be very attractive, so that more people visit the page, and pass it on to other friends.

Finally, at the end of each month, Google will close the values that will be passed on to the owners of websites and blogs. For the value to be passed through it is necessary to reach the minimum of one hundred dollars. To receive the first payment you must have to pass through the bank since the amount is paid in dollars and must be converted into the local currency.

Is it worth working with Google Adsense?

The answer is yes! It pays to work with Google Adsense since it is a safe and practical way to monetize content on a website or blog. Several large websites use the service. In addition, YouTube also works with this option, which is why many channels survive financially from the portal. However, the logic is the same, the more visits on the page, the more possibility of gain! Hard work, for sure, though, in addition to providing content to Internet users, the site owner will also profit.

Do not get banned in Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a serious program, and many websites or blogs are not even approved to participate in the system. In addition, if the site breaches a rule over time, it may be banned and no longer profitable with the service.

Check out some caution not to have a website declined or even banned from Google Adsense:

  • Do not display pornographic material, racism or even incite any type of violence;
  • It is not allowed to create multiple accounts;
  • Sites or blogs with few posts may not be accepted in the service;
  • Generation of false clicks;
  • It is not allowed to modify any Adsense Ads;
  • Little traffic on the site or blog can cause the registration is not accepted.

I hope I have contributed information about the Google service. If you want to know more about What is Google Adsense or even make your application

Google Adsense application

Know More Google Adsense

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