What is PayPal?

PayPal is a money transfer mechanism between individuals or dealers through an online service. The initial initiative of this service is to avoid traditional models of money transactions

In 1998, Peter Thiel and Max Levchin created Paypal to meet the needs of people using conventional payments, and soon spread throughout the world and became the most popular means of making payments online.

PayPal today is the world’s most well-known online payment method, being accepted for domain purchases, e-commerce, among other internet purchase services.

Users subscribe to the site, register their credit card safely, and may even enter credits. Paypal is a great alternative for international money transfer because it does not have the high charges to do so, as via physical banks.

To have an idea of the reputation of Paypal, just see that it is present in 190 countries and has at least 123 million customers.

But after all, how does Paypal work?


You make a purchase, and when you make the payment, you will not see the colour of the money, nor print the ticket, even take your wallet out of your pocket. Paypal takes care of paying the seller and charge your bank. No one but you will have access or visibility to your bank information. At the time of purchase, the only information you receive from the seller is the address to which you must send your product.


Paypal has accounted for individuals and for legal entities.

The personal account is a simple account to sell and make purchases on the internet, both in Brazil and in the other 189 countries where Paypal is present. You need to perform the default registration, informing data such as Name, documentation, bank accounts and password.

Paypal sends you a charge of less than $ 10 to confirm your registration. (This amount is refunded after you enter the correct value on the site). In the account for individuals, the user has a limit to receive transfers per year.

Advantages of using Paypal

When making international purchases, your default currency will always be the Real, so any purchase made outside the country will have the impression that it was made in the same way as in São Paulo or Porto Alegre.

Paypal also serves as an ATM for money transfer. You can send money from your Paypal account to the Paypal account of your friend who lives in Buenos Aires. He will receive the money instantly, against the match, the amount will be debited from your account only on the next invoice of the card.

One important note about the transfer is that there are some fees for this to be realized. Another way for you to have to pay some fee in Paypal is when you sell something.

How to create a Paypal?

To create an account, you first need to enter this link. Choose the account option (personal / business).

After choosing the desired plan, it is necessary to fill out the basic registration. In the required fields you must enter the name, email, desired password, CPF, address (for delivery of goods), telephone number, credit card number and additional card information.

After filling in and clicking “Agree and create account”, you will be directed to register the credit card that you will use in your transactions. Paypal allows the use of several flags: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc.

The bank account registration can be accessed after all confirmed, the accounts allowed by Paypal are HSBC, Santander, Itaú and Citibank.

After completing all the registration, you will need to confirm your email and then your credit card (another method to keep the service secure).

How does credit card verification work?

Paypal will send you a charge of less than $10 within three business days, you will be checking your invoice, you will be able to see the amount charged by Paypal, then just enter your profile and enter the correct value of the transaction. Ex: 6.46.

Once informed of the amount, the service confirms your credit card and the previously charged amount is reversed.

Now that you have your Paypal, you can shop on site around the world, safely and peacefully. Good shopping.

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