What Is Physical Education

What Is Physical Education
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The term we are going to analyse is composed of two clearly differentiated parts. Thus, in the first place it is confirmed by the word education whose etymological origin is found in the Latin education which, in turn, is the result of the addition of the prefix ex that means “outward”, the verb decree that is equivalent to “guitar” And the suffix – ion which is synonymous with “action”.

Secondly, there is the physical word emanating from the Greek and more specifically from the union of two perfectly delimited parts: the term physics which can be translated as “nature” and the suffix – ica which is equal to “science”.

In what refers to its educational or formative sense of What Is Physical Education, Physical Education is a scientific-pedagogical discipline, which focuses on the body movement to achieve an integral development of the physical, affective and cognitive capacities of the subject.

We said that physical education is a discipline and not a science, as it does not deal with the specific study of a certain object, but takes elements from various sciences to form its framework of application.

Physical education is a discipline that focuses on different body movements to perfect, control and maintains the health and mind of the human being. Physical education can be seen as a therapeutic, educational, recreational or competitive activity as it seeks coexistence, enjoyment and friendship among the participants that make up the activity.

Development Through Physical Education

What Is Physical Education

As for the integral development of the individual, physical education transcends the old idea of the human being as a sum of body, mind and soul; On the contrary, it works on all aspects of the person as a unit.

In addition to all of the above, it should be emphasised that within the scope of teaching there is the subject of Physical Education. Thus, for example, in western countries, this subject is taught both in what is Primary and Secondary. In the first case, it focuses on the development of perceptive games, cooperative games and initiation to different sports disciplines or body expression.

Physical Education at School

Physical Education at School

Physical education is a compulsory education or discipline in both primary and secondary schools in most countries, the Ministry of Education in different countries requires it and promotes a content to be worked with students in the school year, therefore, it consists of a set of activities Structured physical and planned to promote physical conditioning and encourage activities that are characterized by motor functions. The discipline is oriented by a professional educated in a higher education course of physical education with knowledge in biological sciences, health and the human body.

In Secondary School, however, this subject is mainly aimed at students to acquire healthy habits of life, learn to overcome their difficulties, accept their own body and improve their physical qualities. That is why, among other activities, bet on developing different sports such as basketball, football or tennis with which young people will learn to strive, to work as a team, to compete and also to accept their own mistakes.

The educational establishment divides into three blocks the teaching of the discipline of physical education, usually, in the first part, individual or collective sports are performed, and the second part is rhythmic and expressive activity and, finally, Theoretical about the human body and sports.

Physical Education As Athletics

Also, physical education can be seen as a competition that seeks strong physical training that demands high yields in competition; In a recreational way, that is to say, it can be seen as a group of playful activities that help the individual to connect with the environment that surrounds him, helping to know his social environment and, finally with the practices of dances, yoga, music, Better corporal expression in comparison to those who do not practice said disciplines.

It should be emphasised that the discipline of physical education is essential for health as it helps prevent and reduce health problems such as heart problems, obesity, muscle problems, position, control and motor control, etc., achieving this Manner, the well-being of the student. In this regard, the World Health Organization (WHO), in the Ottawa Charter, considers it of paramount importance to promote health in everyday life, in educational, work and recreational settings, and to ensure that enjoy a good state.

In relation to the above, the discipline of physical education not only helps to achieve a well-being in the health of the individual but carries an indeterminate number of advantages such as: combat the sedentary lifestyle and encourages an active life that does not allow waste of free time , Teaches you to develop some values of the utmost importance in the human being’s daily life, such as: tolerance, respect, understanding, passivity, responsibility among others, improves the person’s self-esteem, stimulates creativity and The affective capacity, diminishes the anxiety, the stress, the aggressiveness and depression.

The different currents of physical education can be defined according to the way in which discipline is focused. There are currents that focus on education (its field of action is school and the education system in general), health (physical education is considered as a health promoting agent with the intention of preventing diseases), In the competition (the discipline like sports training for the development of high performance), in the recreation (ludic activities to link the subject with the means) and in the corporal expression (from the influence that receives of the dance, yoga and music).

Finally, in the answer to the question of What Is Physical Education, we can say the parts or processes of education that help us achieve a healthy body, mind and soul is physical education.

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