why is technology important

why is technology important
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What Is Technology

The technology is present in all areas of daily life. In one way or another, almost all the activities that we carry out throughout the day involve the use of some technological device.

The notion of technology is linked to all the knowledge that makes it possible to manufacture objects and modify the environment, which is done with the intention of satisfying some need.

Technology can be understood as the practical application of knowledge generated by science. In colloquial language, however, technology is linked to information technology, which is one that enables the processing of information through artificial means such as computers.

A technological apparatus arises when there is a concrete need to solve. To find the solution to the problem in question, scientists analyze the matter and work with various materials until they find a way to design an appropriate artifact. After the design of a prototype, it is produced. Technology, therefore, encompasses this process, from the detection of the initial need to the specific application of the artifact created.

This breadth allows us to understand that technology, by itself, is neither good nor bad. Technology can be used to improve the productivity of human labour, reduce physical effort and increase the quality of life of the population, but technology can also cause social differences (according to technological know-how), pollute the environment and To cause unemployment (workers are replaced by machines).

However, in addition to all of the above, we must also make it clear that this is not the only meaning of the word technology. Thus, it has other meanings, so that on other occasions the concept is used to refer generally to the language that is used either in an art or in a science.

And that without forgetting also that, in the same way, this term is used to cite the set of instruments, and even industrial-type procedures, that are used in a certain sector to perform their tasks.

why is technology important

Technology is a collection of tools and knowledge that make it easier to use, create, manage and exchange information. Thanks to new technology, distant places in the world are connected in seconds. Because of this, we can communicate with millions of people in millions of different places at the press of a key.

Technology has made it possible to store information that took hundreds of volumes of paper in thousands of libraries around the world. Thanks to technology, we have millions of books and magazines at our disposal. We can write and publish books from our homes. Also with technology has made possible the combination of audio, photography, and video in electronic books.

Today, thanks to technology, you can listen to radio stations, television and personal communication of the planet with a free digital application used on your phone, tablet or computer.

For the technological application, our living standards have improved, since we get things and work done swiftly and easily. Generally, all industries and businesses are benefited by it, whether medicine, tourism, security, education, entertainment and many others. Many of the manual and repetitive work has been facilitated and lightened thanks to technology.

Technology will continue to advance for the benefit of all in the family and we must learn to use it for the benefit of all.

The Importance of Technology in Human Life

We call technology the set of knowledge with which products and services are created that allow the human being to solve a problem, adapt to the environment, meet their needs and/or satisfy their desires. The importance of technology begins at the moment that man learns to master fire and drives his evolution.

Nowadays technological developments are linked to the life of each person, reduce the distances between people and contribute to making business processes more efficient.

The importance of technology is so linked to its ease of use that when an article is difficult to handle is doomed to failure. It may be sold for a time if it meets a need that no other product resolves, but sooner or later other similar machines will appear and with a higher index of usability that will be relegated to oblivion.

The importance of technology in homes

Generally, we associate the technology with the internet and when talking about it, we automatically think of our cell phone, our laptop or our tablet. Such devices have revolutionized the market in recent times, models are happening more and more quickly and are more affordable to the general public.

Companies such as Samsung, Motorola, Apple offer greater storage and information processing capabilities and their designs make it easy to work, play, entertain or communicate anytime, anywhere.

However, that is not the only way technology is present in our lives. If we look at the rest of our house we will realize that other appliances also contribute to making our day to day more comfortable. The refrigerator, stove, microwave oven, blender, coffee maker, food processor, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, iron, television set, headphones, speakers, mini-components, cameras, video

game consoles and Theaters at home are just some examples of the importance of technology in our daily lives.

The importance of technology in companies

Technology is present in virtually all labor fields. In the offices, you can find printers, photocopiers, computers, telephones and air conditioning or heating according to the climate of the region where they are located.

In hospitals and their laboratories, there are instruments for measuring vital signs, taking x-rays or ultrasounds and analyzing samples of different body fluids. In the telecommunications companies offer different connectivity services. And in the industries, there is specialized machinery for the extraction and elaboration of its products.

It is clear that if the aforementioned devices were eradicated, thousands of jobs would be lost and the world as we know it would be paralyzed. We could even imagine the return to our pre historic customs or rural life if we do not want to get to the extreme of eliminating the fire of the equation. The importance of technology lies to a large extent in the fact that most human processes depend on it.

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